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It is time to change how we think about indoor horticulture and supplementary lighting. It is time to choose a high quality, professional and flexible LED lighting system.
With our solution, you can mix different types of LEDs to stimulate growth. Plus, we can also tailor the LED selection to meet your specific needs.

We are in the middle of a global change, and food security has been and will continue to be a key priority. World population is increasing and this requires an increase in the total output of food, which is affordable, diverse and accessible to everyone at the same time.

As an innovative company, Tungsram Agritech is convinced that the key to success is the application of new technologies. With 120 years of knowledge in the field of lighting techniques, Tungsram Group focuses specifically on greenhouse lighting and vertical farms. Our aim is to offer world-class quality LED lighting and smart-solutions to growers and farmers for use in their precision indoor farming operations.


Flexible LED systems designed for greenhouses and vertical farms   Produced in Europe, fast delivery   Reliability and expertise that’s guaranteed by Tungsram Group



Tungsram Agritech attended AgriteQ exhibition in Qatar

In 2021, AgriteQ Conference returned for its eighth edition from 23rd to 27th March at the Doha Exhibition and Convention Center (DECC) to highlight innovation in agricultural techniques, and pinpoint the road map to achieve food security and sustainable development. The event furnished an ideal opportunity for industry specialists to explore a wide range of agricultural technologies, equipment and related products, meet key decision-makers, gain valuable insights, and discover the best practices.

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Cabbage research by Tungsram Agritech experts

The Tungsram Agritech team not only provides professional lighting and smart systems to growers and researchers, but also crop production advice to deliver results that meet the stated goal. In order to have as much knowledge and information as possible, our own specialists are also constantly experimenting with different plant species on our research vertical farm equipped with Tungsram Agritech lighting.

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Hortidaily - Shedding more light on the benefits of LEDs in strawberry production

Strawberry cultivation is a key area of precision farming and much effort goes into the optimisation of growing as predictions show that consumer demand is set to increase steadily over the coming years. Joint research focusing on glasshouse strawberry cultivation and carried out by the University of Reading in the United Kingdom and Hungarian lighting expert Tungsram group is shedding more light on the benefits of LEDs in strawberry production.

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