Bram Meulblok is the new Regional Sales Manager of Tungsram Agritech focusing on the Benelux region, France and Germany. He brings almost 10 years of lighting experience to the team; besides horticulture lighting experience, Bram also has experience in the optical and light measurement field. He studied engineering management and can talk with a grower about more than just light.

“The reason I chose this position, because Tungsram Agritech really wants to help the customers to be successful, this is in the DNA of all the people connected to the Agritech Team. On top of that the company has a large R&D team with a lot of experience developing LED fixtures. Tungsram used to be part of General Electric for EMEA and developed substantial LED portfolios for General Lighting, Industrial lighting, Automotive and the Aerospace sector. Besides the experience in developing high quality LED luminaires, the company produces all products in the European Union (Hungary), so transporting the goods on time is no issue. Tungsram can also produce at highly competitive prices due to its large-scale production facility in Hungary. All these factors together are a blueprint for success in the no-nonsense market for horticulture lighting” explained by Bram.

If you have any question, feel free to contact Bram!

Bram Meulblok

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