The Tungsram Agritech team not only provides professional lighting and smart systems to growers and researchers, but also crop production advice to deliver results that meet the stated goal. In order to have as much knowledge and information as possible, our own specialists are also constantly experimenting with different plant species on our research vertical farm equipped with Tungsram Agritech lighting.

In a recent experiment, our colleagues studied four varieties of cabbage: curled-leaved cabbage, nero di Toscana, red Russian cabbage, and pak choy. They cared for and monitored their development from sowing, germination and seedling cultivation to harvest, and examined various environmental parameters and light recipes in order to achieve ideal growing conditions and high yields. Our researchers gained a lot of valuable experience during the experiment by learning about the habitus and properties of cabbage varieties. Thanks to one of the light settings, for example, most of the pak choy cabbages began to bloom and matured seeds. Based on the weight of the plant leaves weighed during the harvest, it can be said that they produced excellent yields during the research.

Our team is constantly working on more and more experiments with several plant species soon on a more modern and larger vertical farm built by Tungsram. If you are curious about the details, feel free to contact our colleagues!

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