As the coronavirus pandemic sweeps through the globe, leaving in its wake fatalities and a shattered world economy, food security is increasingly emerging as one of the key concerns of policy makers and citizens the world over. Tungsram’s mini indoor farm called Growth Cabinet is a means for the Budapest-based international corporation to lend a hand as the global community scrambles to stamp out the epidemic and ease the economic fallout.

Since the company’s founding in 1896, experts at Tungsram have often been at the forefront of technological development by reading the signs of the times. The end of the last century brought about the realization that conventional lamp manufacturing became outdated, and in a bid to meet and steer market demand, the company’s focus shifted to futureproof solutions. The development of Growth Cabinet is rooted in Tungsram’s recognition of the need for a smart appliance suitable for growing plants autonomously and providing a possibility to carry out research projects.

Growth Cabinet, Tungsram’s first mini indoor farm solution, has 4 telescopic growing layers, with a production area of maximum 1.7 m^2 and a complete custom-built hydroponic system. The inside temperature and ventilation of the mini farm can be controlled. The lighting was designed using luminaries from Tungsram’s new VF portfolio as VF lamps are suitable for building a dynamic lighting strategy in vertical farms. The lighting and the hydroponic system are remotely controlled via the Internet.

 “If the tanks are filled up and the user applies the basic steps of plant protection, the Growth Cabinet can grow plants indoors for weeks without any human intervention. We believe that this product provides essential help for researchers and those seeking increased food security in an urbanized environment,” said Keith Thomas, commercial director at Tungsram’s Agritech division. While targeted end users are hotels, supermarkets and restaurants, Growth Cabinet is also an ideal solution for individuals wishing to grow their own produce at home, the executive adds.

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Lőrinc Utasi - Agronomist

Keith Thomas - Commercial Leader

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