From the very beginning, it was important for Tungsram Agritech to find partners with whom we can develop greenhouse solutions for more efficient and optimal crop production by applying the expertise of both parties. One of our first such strategic partnerships was with the colleagues of Szent István University, who are still great supporters of Tungsram.

Szent István University is one of the outstanding higher education institutions in Hungary, which provides study opportunities in Budapest, Gödöllő, Szarvas and Kisvárda too. Students applying to the university can study in 7 different faculties, including the Faculty of Food Science, Horticulture, Agriculture and Environmental Sciences, among many other options.

Tungsram is currently working primarily with the Technical Department of the Faculty of Horticulture, who has not only contributed to the development of our lamps but has also conducted various tests with an adjustable spectrum, four-channel, 500 μmol Toplight Research Module. The Research Module is also being used by the students, enabling them to gain practical researching experience whilst gaining theoretical knowledge through the experiments.

Zsófia Varga, a certified environmental engineer and an assistant professor in the Technical Department, also reported that several experiments had already been carried out with the Tungsram Agritech lamp. "Focusing mainly on vegetables, spices and herbs, we did various experiments, which ended with very good results, so we are completely satisfied with Tungsram's agricultural lamps. Last year, one of our students also entered the ÚNKP excellence competition, for which we also used Tungsram lamps. ”- emphasized Zsófia, further noting that she and her colleagues are extremely fond of working with our company, which will hopefully lead to even closer cooperation and support between Szent István University and Tungsram, even with the involvement of several departments.

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