Tungsram Agritech offers world-class quality LED lighting and smart-solutions to growers and farmers for use in their precision indoor farming operations. Each plant has its own lighting needs, our crop advisors could help you to choose the most suitable spectrum for your crops and our factories make the lamps accordingly. Exact spectrum may vary between varieties and growth strategies.

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Vine crops, mainly tomato and cucumber production, are very light demanding industries. In order to ensure food security and stable production, continuous high DLI is obligatory in a cost-efficient way. In first-class vine crop greenhouses LED toplights and interlights are essential to keep up with the market. With high efficiency and low heat production, wider lighting seasons can be kept, temperature and light strategies can be separated. Due to our special beam optics, narrow and compact lamp designs, wide areas can be lightened in a uniform way with minimized shading.


Whether it's indoor or outdoor production of leafy greens, like lettuce basil or chard, a tailored lighting strategy is on request for each growth strategy. Our solution fits well as sole or supplementary source, full LED or hybrid installations. Including supervised lighting solutions, plants can be perfectly steered to induce biomass, nutritive value or reduce operational cost.


Flowering, sweetness, fruit size and weight are constantly significant features of berry farming. Applying the ideal lighting strategy, growers receive the ability to control one more environmental factor and all the economically crucial characteristics can be directed into the desired path.


Colour deepness, compactness, flower head weight but most importantly timing of the flowering can be heavily influenced by light quantity, photoperiod, and light spectrum. A well-engineered energy-efficient lighting system is essential in the modern floriculture industry. Spectrums may vary cultivar by cultivar and species by species. Spectrums are essentially important in floriculture so a manufacturer with the ability of project made spectrum with proper supervisory service is important.


Microgreens and micropropagation demand low and homogeneous light intensity. In favor of achieving economically reasonable production, shelf spacing and energy consumption have to be minimized during the growth. The Tungsram Agritech Vertical Farming lightbar meets all of the above-mentioned requirements. With up to 2.4m length and 120°wide beam angle, uniform light intensities can be kept even from a very short distance. As a result of the removed driver and efficient chips, heat production and the energy consumption is minimized as well.