Greenhouse Linear Toplight Single Module

The Tungsram LED Linear Toplight lamps are the most preferred options by horticultural producers, due to their physical parameters, modularity, high 986 μmol/s output and long lifetime. 

  • Slim design - minimal shadowing
  • High system efficacy up to 3.33 μmol/J
  • Remote driver - better heat management

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Greenhouse Linear Toplight Double Module

The Tungsram Linear Toplight Double module with its outstanding PPF reaching up to 1820 μmol/s, efficacy of 3.03 μmol/J is the ideal choice for the replacement of the traditional 1000 W High Pressure Sodium lamp. Similarity in the mounting and cabling options allow smooth transition from the existing HPS lighting system into LED based solution offered by Tungsram.

  • 1000W HPS replacement
  • 40% energy saving compared to HPS
  • Low maintenance cost

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