It is very important for Tungsram Agritech to help and cooperate with domestic producers, which is why we were pleased that on the recommendation of Egrid Kft., Aba Obst Kft., the producers of AbaRed tomatoes, chose our LED Linear Toplight to modernize their tomato production.

Aba Obst Kft. is one of the outstanding tomato producers in Hungary, who grows high-quality Hungarian mini cocktail plum tomatoes in their 12,636 m2 greenhouse. In the greenhouse, tomatoes are grown under strictly controlled conditions. Tomatoes grow in coconut fiber quilts under controlled temperature, nutrient and light conditions. Regulated conditions create the possibility of cultivation without chemical plant protection.

During their multi-year operation of the 8-boat tomato house, they have been confronted with the high amount of electricity billed by traditional greenhouse lighting. In connection with this, they contacted the employees of Egrid Kft., who had already supplied light sources to the greenhouse and visited Tungsram at their suggestion. Tests in the 15-lamp area have been successful, and the AbaRed team is extremely pleased with our 300W Linear Toplight LEDs with 3.03 μmol / J efficiency. "The efficiency of Tungsram LED lamps is outstanding, the plants grow beautifully and properly, and in terms of energy costs, our operating costs are much lower than what we experienced before in the case of traditional greenhouse lamps", said Tamás Kozma, CEO and owner of Aba Obst Kft. After the successful tests, Aba Obst Kft. would like to increase the area equipped with our LED lamps in the tomato house in the future, which promises further success for both companies.

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