Customizability has always been a vital consideration in both the design and manufacture of our products, so we can help to get the most out of our partners’ resources and performance, as no two producers or productions are alike. That is why the unique propagation technology of Arundo BioEnergy Kft. and the Tungsram Agritech’s Vertical Farm solution work together in ideal synergy.

Arundo BioEnergy Kft. Has been selling virus-free, strong, homogeneous, genetically stable Arundo energy cane since 2013, which is produced with a unique technology on the market. Internationally, they are holders of the exclusive production and sales rights to this stem cell-based micropropagation patent.

The main goal of the project was to achieve a quality change that would allow sprouts to adapt better in a shorter time during acclimatization and field planting. However, natural light alone cannot be relied upon in in vitro propagated plants, so artificial lighting is also important for the success of the project. “With the ideal light composition, the quality properties and stress tolerance of the plant can be greatly influenced. Applying the right spectrum and light intensity will help to grow seedlings that we expect to adapt faster and better to salt-saline field cultivation. In general, elevated levels of ascorbate, potassium, chlorophyll, carotenoids, and strong roots, as well as thick leaves, are all meant to delay the harmful effects of salt stress on plants. Targetedly, these parameters can be influenced by controlling the illumination and we can train the plants in a sustainable way, without chemical treatments. Artificial lighting not only plays a significant role in the production of propagating material but can also greatly reduce the time required to produce ecotypes that are better adapted to saline and saline soils.” Melinda Tóth-Szabó, Laboratory Manager of Arundo BioEnergy, explained why these experiments are important.

LED lighting which is completely customizable and controllable in terms of spectrum and intensity is essential to the project. That is the reason why the colleagues of Arundo chose Tungsram Agritech's 8-channel Vertical Farm research modules together with our PowerGrow software, which allows them to easily check and change settings. In Melinda’s opinion, the biggest advantage of our vertical farm solution is “obviously the controllability, next to that energy saving and traceability are also positive benefits of the software”.

Although not much time has passed since the start of the project, it can be seen in just a few months that the sprouts reacted completely differently to LED combinations than to conventional lighting. One setting has already yielded such a positive result that only minor fine-tuning is required to bring the expected quality improvement. Of course, after the first 4-month experiment, the collaboration does not stop and they are testing with more and more variations until the desired result is achieved.

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