Continuous innovation in precision indoor crop production is extremely important to Tungsram Agritech, which is why we are happy to work with companies that are also at the heart of developing crop production. "At the time we started creating the entire Agritech business, we were looking for partners in Hungary with whom we could work to develop a common future together." highlighted Zoltán Sejpes, Head of the Agritech Division.

That is why we started working together to design our own vertical farm with the Biopolus Institute Nonprofit Zrt., a research and development group founded in 2012 by István Kenyeres. The company is involved in the development of urban infrastructures and the creation of a more efficient, livable urban existence, including the development of various technologies to close urban water, food, energy and waste cycles by integrating urban water recycling and decentralized biological production systems.

Tungsram's long-standing expertise in lighting design, mechanical engineering, control and software development is complemented by Biopolus' many years of knowledge in crop production and vertical farms. "Based on Biopolus' experience, we use Tungsram's equipment and expertise to develop the machines, irrigation systems and software needed to implement vertical farms," ​​explained Zoltán Sejpes. The professionals of the two companies are thus able to work in ideal harmony to maximize the opportunities offered by indoor crop production, which is essential for improving urban sustainability and more efficient production.

However, the cooperation between Tungsram and Biopolus does not stop at optimizing our vertical farm, guided by common goals and visions, combining the expertise of the two companies, Tungsram’s technology and manufacturing to develop new high-tech solutions to revolutionize indoor farming and crop production. István Kenyeres, founder and CEO of Biopolus, emphasized that "due to the acceleration of the urbanization process, it is very important to create the right conditions for urban crop production, and in this area the two companies have found each other very well, so the cooperation promises to be extremely exciting and encouraging."



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