For 2020 Tungsram won the IT Innovation Award of the Hungarian Innovation Grand Prix competition for “recycling” the company’s traditional capabilities in innovative areas (tungsten fiber development, sustainable and safe food production).

The jury of the Hungarian Innovation Grand Prix selected the 2020 Innovation Grand Prix winner from 69 Hungarian companies; it also awarded seven other innovation prizes and the Startup Innovation Prize of the year. One of the main criteria included the economic results of 2020 achieved by innovation. The winners were selected through a secret ballot. Pharmaceutical producer Richter Gedeon received the 2020 Hungarian Innovation Grand Prix for the creation of Terrosa, a new biosimilar Hungarian drug. The entry of Terrosa, developed for the treatment of osteoporosis, proves the success of the biosimilar concept, with sales of EUR 27,2 million in its first full year. The drug also marks the realization of the “invented and made in Hungary” economic development concept.

The 29th Hungarian Innovation Grand Prix was organized with the support of the National Research, Development and Innovation Office (NRDIO), financed from the NRDI Fund. President of NRDIO and co-president of the jury Dr. Zoltán Birkner stressed: “During the pandemic R&D and the momentum of innovation is more crucial than ever as they can be the key motors of kick-starting the economy and sustainable development. The Innovation Grand Prix does not only annually mobilize the actors of the ecosystem by acknowledging the most prominent national achievements in the field, but it also has a great impact on the social acceptance of innovation.”

According to the titles published in today’s press the globally competitive solutions won and we believe that our internationally acclaimed Agritech ecosystem is one of them: the highest quality products, engineering expertise and flexible project approach of Tungsram can make indoor and vertical farming a solution that strengthens food security and eliminates hunger in the world. With the new innovation project launched in 2019 Tungsram entered the yet forming industry of indoor vertical farming. The aim of the project is to first create a vertical farming technology and then the prototype of a modular structure vertical farming system that can make the technology accessible for others. As the result of the technical development innovation in 2020 various product groups used in the Agritech business, the so-called Growth Cabinet and the related controlling software were developed.


The other section of the application included the development of tungsten wire: as a result of two-year-long development we have successfully worked out the material and manufacturing technology of a tungsten wire that complies with the strictestmedical technological regulations. The development of the tungsten wire necessary for the operation of robotic arms and suitable for surgeries was completed by our experts in Hajdúböszörmény. The validation based on our customer’s tests carried out by the US. Food and Drug Administration proves the quality of the work thus the mass production could begin.

We congratulate the winners and thanks to the Ministry for Innovation and Technology and the Hungarian Association for Innovation!

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