The latest model of toplight developed by Hungarian lighting expert Tungsram comes with a wide range of new and improved features, designed to better adapt to customer needs. Developers have deployed state-of-the art technology to create a light source for greenhouses that performs better in nearly all aspects.

The new model of Tungsram’s toplight designed for greenhouses will hit the shelves soon and the fixtures come equipped with a series of improved features and a much higher flexibility in terms of adjusting its performance to growers’ needs. The Flexi-Grow Toplight boasts a significantly more compact design and a higher degree of modularity. The size of the module is approximately 35 percent smaller than the previous model and more compact than most products with similar performance available on the market, allowing users to connect 3 modules without the risk of increased shading. The unique passive cooling system built into the modules ensures a highly efficient cooling of the LED chips, thus increasing the efficiency while also warranting improved PPF values. As a result of the enhanced modularity, three modules installed jointly can reach a performance up to 3580 μmol/s versus 1,800 μmol/s produced by traditional HPS lamps. 

Special wide beam solution

Tungsram’s experts developed a unique wide beam solution, which relies on an increased beam angle and guarantees that light is radiated on a much larger area. In addition, using our optical solutions, significantly improves uniformity vs standard LED fixtures, thus ensuring that plants receive more uniformed light. “This is a truly unique solution that warrants market-leading light uniformity, comparable to state-of-the-art HPS reflectors. Tungsram’s latest model brings a solution for any non-moving plants for which even light distribution is critical to grow equally, but they are also good for high wired crops,” said Anita Zelnik, Product Manager at Tungsram Agritech.

The Flexi-Grow Toplight comes with a high degree of flexibility in spectral distribution and light intensity. It features narrow band LEDs with the highest efficiency and the spectrum can be optimized for the given crop as well as the specific growing objectives of clients. Users can also choose the option to control light intensity. 

Performance tailored to growers’ objectives

Tungsram can adjust the new toplight to the specific business goals of users. The lamps can be set up with a view to minimizing investment costs while still ensuring desired PPFD values. Customers can also decrease operating costs by boosting the efficiency of the fixtures. In addition, the quantity of photon can be maximized to produce outstanding yields. “Responding to customer’s needs we suggest the most sufficient product alternative, prepare the lighting design for the right layout and we don’t just deliver the product, but we stand behind our quality, offering industry leading guarantees and exemplary after sales service, providing peace of mind to the grower,” emphasized Anita Zelnik.

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