New division makes debut at GreenTech industry fair

The Agritech Division’s first products made their official debut on the international market at the GreenTech horticulture exhibition hosted by Amsterdam in the middle of June. Tungsram put together a portfolio of products for the exhibition, focusing on one segment of the indoor farming industry, namely greenhouse systems that use artificial lighting as a supplementary tool. “The range of our products developed for this sector include a product offering two toplight options and an interlight solution. We can thus offer a complete lighting portfolio comprised of LED lights to greenhouses,” said Zoltán Sejpes, head of Tungsram Agritech. As for Tungsram products aimed at vertical farms, which constitute the other main segment of indoor farming and which rely solely on artificial lighting, the company will launch its lighting rod solution over the coming days.

The most outstanding feature of these solutions is that they allow producers to adjust the special lighting thus ensuring the most intensive growth and accumulation of nutrients in a given life stage of the plant. Zoltán Sejpes also highlighted that by the second part of the year the division plans to develop – on the basis of this portfolio – smart solutions, including sensors, software and data analysis systems, that will enable farmers to continuously optimize the lighting conditions needed for cultivation.

Miniature indoor farm in the growth cabinet

At the Amsterdam exhibition, the company also introduced its so-called growth cabinet, which is essentially a miniature indoor farm. Developers have built crop trays on three levels into the refrigerator-like cabinet, which is equipped with adjustable LED lights and a nutrient dispensing system and comes decked with a glass door. The cabinet, presented as a prototype at the exhibition and with production of the final product scheduled for the upcoming months, was hailed as truly unique, according to the head of the Agritech Division. The equipment, which could prove useful primarily for research centers, generated widespread interest. Restaurants and hotels are also among potential customers as the cabinet ensures a constant supply of fresh fruits and vegetables for guests.

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