The LED Greenhouse Linear Toplight lamp of the Tungsram Agritech Series has been designed as a replacement for traditional 1000W High Pressure Sodium lamps. It has an improved efficacy of 4.0 μmol/J and uses 50% less energy and it also offers light level up to 3580 μmol/s, therefore fewer LED fixtures is needed for your production. Our Toplight modules have standard and special wide beam optics, with which we can achieve the best uniformity at your greenhouse, this way all your plants can grow evenly and achieve maximum yield with them.

We are flexible in your demands for lighting up your greenhouse. The offer will be based on the main criteria you specify:

  • Optimized for investment
  • Optimized for operational cost
  • Maximized for light output

Main product advantages:


Modular system
1,2,3 module options


Highest efficiency LED design
Up to 4.0 μmol/J


Customizable spectrum
Dimming options available too


Compact size
For minimal shading


Wide beam optics
High uniformity 


High PPF up to 3580 μmol/s

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